What are all the animal forms that Zeus took in Greek Mythology?

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Lucian Dialogues of the Gods has Zeus speaking to Eros:

The pranks you have played me! Satyr, bull, swan, eagle, shower of gold — I have been everything in my time; and I have you to thank for it.

Those are the most famous ones

  • Bull: Europa
  • Swan: Leda
  • Shower of gold: Danae
  • Satyr: Antiope
  • Eagle: Ganymede

Theoi Greek Mythology & the Greek Gods is a wonderful encyclopaedia of Greek Mythology, and going through it we can add:

LOVES OF ZEUS 1 : Greek mythology; LOVES OF ZEUS 2 : Greek mythology; LOVES OF ZEUS 3 : Greek mythology

  • Demeter: snake
  • Persephone: serpentine drakon
  • Mnemosyne: shepherd
  • Nemesis: swan
  • Asteria: eagle (Ovid)
  • Aegina: eagle
  • Alcmene: Alcmene’s husband
  • Eurymedousa: ant
    • ?!
  • Callisto: Artemis
  • Phthia: dove

… Ant?!

(Credit: PortalComic on DeviantArt)

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