What are some great threats one can make?

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NSFW, and rather instructive in attitudes towards anal sex as punishment.

There was a threat made by Georgios Karaiskakis, the foul mouthed general of the Greek War of Independence, that I’ve just discovered. It has a kind of magnificent menace to it.

For it to even be intelligible in English, I have to cite from Nick Nicholas’ answer to What are some weird expressions?

Θα μου κλάσεις τ’ αρχίδια. “You will fart on my balls.” The meaning of this is: your threats to me are meaningless, as I am in a position of complete dominance over you.

A particular positioning of bodies is presupposed by this adage, as an expression of traditional male dominance (stereotypically associated with Greeks by non-Greeks, and with Ottomans by Greeks themselves). In such a positioning of bodies, the phrase content would be a plausible if impotent expression of repudiation of such dominance.

That oblique enough for you?

Good. Because in this answer, I won’t be so oblique.

Karaiskakis sent once a message of defiance to the foe. His message of defiance can be paraphrased nobly and decorously, as something like, I don’t know,

“If I should live, then shall they fear my wrath.
If I should die, why should I care a whit?”

But Karaiskakis was not a decorous kind of guy.

What he actually demanded his scribe write down is:

Αν ζήσω, θα τους γαμήσω.
Αν πεθάνω, θα μου κλάσουν τον πούτσον.


Remember: this is the notion of anal sex among heterosexuals as punishment. As seen in prison stereotypes.

“If I live, I will fuck them [in the ass].
If I die, they can fart on my dick.”

The primary meaning of “they can fart on my dick” is “I don’t give a shit about them, they can’t do anything to hurt me anymore.”

But it is the “I don’t give a shit” of magnificent indifference, of someone who is already fucking you in the ass as punishment.


So the worst you can do to them is fart on their dick.

It’s repulsive. It’s homophobic. It’s brutal.

But you gotta admit. It has a certain crude effectiveness.

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