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Volume VII of the Diccionario Griego-Español (ἐκπελλεύω–ἔξαυος), intended to be the most comprehensive dictionary of Ancient and Early Middle Greek, has been published in 2009, and is available for purchase. (I’ve just ordered it.)

I found the new volume by googling; you’d be none the wiser about that from the DGE’s own web page, which hasn’t been updated since the second edition of Volume I. I’ve already commented on the melancholy slow pace of the DGE (begun in 1980) elsewhere, and that redoing Vol I was a really really inefficient use of time. But the appearance of VII is to be welcomed—the more so since VI appeared in 2003. I’ve just harvested from DGE five lemmata missing in Lampe for Gregory of Nyssa; the DGE continues to fill in gaps the others don’t. (Gregory of Nazianzen wasn’t as lucky though.)


  • Peter says:

    Edit: "comprehensive" for "compresive." 🙁

  • Peter says:

    Volume VII of the Diccionario Griego-Español (ἐκπελλεύω–ἔξαυος), . . . and is available for purchase. (I've just ordered it.)

    You don't say!

    Well, don't put your credit card away just yet. Here's another book to seriously consider: A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language, edited by Edgar J. Bakker. It's a compresive account of the language: Mycenaean, Classical, Koine—even Midieval, early Modern, and Modern. Needless to say, the essay on Modern Greek is by the redoubtable Perer Mackridge.

    The book is 704 pages (50 pages of bibliography!)containing 36 essays from leading international scholars. And I mean "international." Except for a few names like Nagy, Holton, Dickey, Mackridge, and Probert, I am unfamiliar with the rest. For example, the contributor to the chapter titled "The Birth of Grammar in Greece" is Andreas U. Schmidhauser; the chapter titled "Byzantine Literature and the Classical Past," Staffan Wahlgren. I guess this is the new generation of Greek scholars.

    The book is divided into 7 parts:

    1. The Sources.
    2. The Language.
    3. Greek in Time and Space: Historical and Geographical Connections.
    4. Greek in Context.
    5. Greek as Literature.
    6. The Study of Greek
    7. Beyond Antiquity.

    The book's release is this spring. I'm afraid it's dear: $175 on amazon.com. Hard to resist when you know it will make a wonderful addition to the book A History of Ancient Greek: From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity, by the late, great Christidis, and a fine complement to the upcoming new Horrocks book.


  • Language says:

    Gotcha, thanks.

  • opoudjis says:

    Because they went back and redid Vol I (second edition) after they got to Vol VI:

    I: 1980
    II: 1986
    III: 1991
    IV: 1994
    V: 1997 [already out of print !!—I know, because I tried to buy it last year]
    VI: 2002
    I 2: 2008
    VII: 2009

  • Language says:

    the DGE's own web page, which hasn't been updated since the second edition of Volume I

    Then how come I see everything through Vol. VI on it?

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