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… No, trice is not a mispelling of thrice (or twice, hard to tell).

Ali Cengiz’s answer to How do I say thank you in Turkish?

teşekkür ederim /teʃe’kjuːr ederəm/.
(easier way for English speakers; “two sugar a dream” sounds understandable when read in a trice.)

Harish Aditham’s answer to If you could change any one event of Indian history, what would that be and why?

It turns a city into a graveyard in the wink of an eye, and makes a peasant wench a princess in a trice.

James Tapper’s answer to Why did Nigel Farage quit as the leader of UKIP?

Reading someone’s argument and picking holes in it can be done in a trice.

And of course,

Michael Masiello’s answer to What are books that were written before the Internet?

The internet has been around for a trice of time. People have been reading and writing since the dawn of history.

Definition of TRICE

a brief space of time : instant —used chiefly in the phrase in a trice

< Middle English trise, literally, pull, from trisen

cf. trice : to haul up or in and lash or secure (something, such as a sail) with a small rope

The Magister’s usage prompted this:…

Robert Shaus: Only person I’ve seen use the word, trice. Great.

Michael Masiello: Well, Shakespeare did, too. But not on Quora. He missed out on Quora.

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