Why are most poems written with rhymes?

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As Jakobson once said, though artlessly,
poetry claims th’ axis of combination.
The repertoire of sounds, in crafty array,
are how the Muse stakes her signification.
Without form woven in sonority,
poetry loses its essential claim:
ends up as prose with gilded metaphor,
but does not merit the enchanter’s name.

The Homeoteleuton as a device
was known to Greeks as such a mechanism,
who had recourse to it; but other means
drew their attention more— like metered rhythm.
The Irish used it too; but it would seem
that rhyme emerged from out of Andalus
into the veins of European verse,
as its main anchor through form-moulding use.

Some now deem it passé, but let them look
to craft sound still. Else, they can shove their book.

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