Have the Eclogues and Florilegium of Stobaeus been translated into English?

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To confirm what Alberto Yagos said:

The complete anthologies by Stobaeus, pretty clearly, have not been Englished.


  • johndorio says:

    The Stobaeus Hermetica II has been published in 2018 and its entitled “Hermetica II” by M. David Litwa. It contains 29 segments of the Anthologium which is associated with Hermes Trismegistus. The book also provides sayings and commentaries from other late antique and renaissance writers concerting Hermes.

  • Marcelo Boeri says:

    Stobaeus’ Eclogae 2.7 (the section containing the excerpt of Stoic ethics) has been translated into Ebglish by Arthur J. Pomeroy (Arius Didymus. Epitome of Stoic Ethics, Atlanta, Society of Biblical Literature 1999).

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