Should the Greek people give Alexis Tsipras another chance as their prime minister?

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I no longer follow Greek politics for the same reason I stopped following US politics: too depressing.

I refer you however to the Greek version of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”, as I have illustrated here:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to What does the Greek word “malaka” mean?

I also look forward to hearing about Tsipras what I heard about Andreas Papandreou during recent visits: “A demagogue! A deceiver!” And that it doesn’t take twenty years and an economic collapse for people to see through this instance of populism.

EDIT: the question photo, btw, is why the Greek people shouldn’t give Tsipras a second chance. It’s from the Thessalonica International Fair, and it was where Tsipras the candidate, in September 2014, announced all the things he was going to do—the notorious “Thessaloniki Programme“.

We campaign in poetry, we govern in prose. But it’s handy as a politician not to get too surrealist in your poetry.

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