What do Greeks think of Aristidh Kola (Αριστείδης Κόλλιας)?

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I was not aware that he’d died. I was even less aware of the conspiracy theories about his death.

I’d come across his books when I was looking at Arvanitika for my linguistics thesis. (My stuff on Balkan language contact ended up left out of the thesis, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about Arvanitika and Aromanian.)

What I thought of him? Amateur, as I think of all Pelasgianists. Eager to prove his loyalty to Greece, like pretty much all Arvanites; I’m surprised from Aristidh Kola – Wikipedia to read that he was as Shqipëtar-friendly as he was. (I’m using Shqipëtar to mean Albania/Kosovo Albanian.)

What do I think of the conspiracy theories? Implausible. But I would think that.

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