How do I translate these sentences into Latin?

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This is parasitic on Alberto Yagos’s answer. Would be nice if we could call these collaborative answers!

Don’t let your dreams be memes.

Alberto is more than right to call memes graffiti. So:

Ne tibi fiant spes inscriptionum res.

Let not your hopes be the subject matter of graffiti.

Not… great, not at all.

If a code can’t be bugless, how can a human be perfect?

You know, it’s a bit too pragmatic of me, but I’m ok with codex being used for code. It does also mean medical prescription, which is… a little close.

Si non codex sine erratis, quomodo homo sine peccatis?

If no code without errors, how a human without sins [or faults]?

I’ll pass on “Expression of frustration is necessary”. Rahul, should be snappier in English anyway. 🙂

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