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As I posted last month, the new volume of DGE (Diccionario Griego–Español) has appeared, spanning ἐκπελλεύω–ἔξαυος. As with any lexicographic work of an older language, some philology and textual emendation has been involved; this paper by Eugenio Luján Martínez gives four such instances, in Epicurus, Aretaeus, Nicander, and Galen.

I have gone through this volume and the TLG texts dated from before i AD, to find words not given in the other dictionaries out there (LSJ, LSJ Supplement, Bauer, Lampe, Trapp). I’m posting them here for interest. Note that the list may be small, but that’s because the major gaps are in papyri (which are not in the TLG)—not ancient literature, which is already (nominally) well-ploughed land. (There should be quite a few more words from TLG AD texts.) DGE’s entries are still much more detailed than LSJ’s, and its coverage of antiquity broader. I’m also omitting proper names, which I have been treating differently in lemmatisation.

I’m leaving out the glosses, because the DGE is a commercial product and all. Most of them you can guess the meaning of, if you know your way around Greek vocabulary…

  • ἐκπυρώδης, ες.
  • ἐλάφινος, η, ον. (But Trapp has the variant ἐλαφινός.)
  • ἐλέκεβρα, ας, ἡ. (ἠλεκέβρα, ἰλλεκέβρα, ἐκλεκέβρα).
  • ἐλέσσω.
  • ἑλωρεύς, έως, ὁ.
  • ἕμα, ματος, τό.
  • ἐμβρωσί, τό.
  • ἐμπιεστός, ή, όν.
  • ἐμπύρευσις, εως, ἡ.
  • ἔνδεινος, ον.
  • ἐνναγώνιον, ου, τό.
  • ἔνοψ, πος, ὁ.
  • ἐναντιοεργός, όν.
  • ἐνεδρευτός, ή, όν.
  • ἐνιζυγίς, ίδος, ἡ.
  • ἐντεροκοιλιακός, ή, όν.
  • ἐντραπής, ές.
  • ἐντυπάδιον, ου, τό.
  • ἐξάρακτος, ον.

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  • opoudjis says:

    Moving forward to iii AD, Vol. III also includes the following otherwise unattested lemmata:

    ἐκτιτρωσμός, ὁ.
    ἐμπυροειδής, ές.
    ἐναίτιος, ον.
    ἑνδεκάλιτρος, ον.
    ἐνδόπυρος, ον.
    ἔννοτος, ον.
    ἐξακότυλον, τό.
    ἐξάρθρημα, τό.

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