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Everywhere, Down Under, and Neo-Kantian Language Morality

By: | Post date: 2010-03-04 | Comments: 8 Comments
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This is kind of a lazy post, but commenter Panjomin wanted my verdict on how proper Greek the words ολούθε “everywhere, all over” and χάμω “on the ground” are. I’m a remarkably poor pick to pass such verdict, my sense of the language being blunted from not living there, and being brought up in the […]

History of Australian English

By: | Post date: 2009-11-16 | Comments: 2 Comments
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This post is not about Greek, although there are parallels with a couple of phases of the history of Greek. I picked up Speaking Our Language: The Story of Australian English, while in Sydney. It’s a history of Australian English for the general audience, written by Bruce Moore, a lexicographer at the Australian National Dictionary […]

The Motley Word

By: | Post date: 2009-10-07 | Comments: 3 Comments
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I continue the random miscellanea postings with a website I did not know about, and stumbled on because of a posting I will write next week. The Motley Word (Παρδαλή Λέξη) is a crowdsourced dictionary for Greek dialects, like Urban Dictionary and its Greek counterpart, slang.gr The Motley Word has all the poor quality you’d […]

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