Updated post on “What is it called when you get aroused by watching people die?”

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I have had an updated version of my old Quora post What is it called when you get aroused by watching people die? published in Greek on Nikos Sarantakos’ blog, as Οι πενήντα αποχρώσεις της παραφιλίας, “Fifty shades of paraphilia”.

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  • David Marjanović says:

    Is not knowing shit about Classical languages a prerequisite for sexologists?!

    Oh, scientists in general haven’t known Greek for a hundred years, and most don’t know Latin anymore either. Taxonomists* routinely coin names and boldly declare the words they used to be Greek or Latin when it’s actually, and obviously (ph, th, ch, pt-, y… vs. f, v), the other one.

    That should be taxinomists, but only the French have even heard of that.

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