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Is it veridical to state that esoteric verbosity culminates in communicative ennui? has triggered this from me:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Is it veridical to state that esoteric verbosity culminates in communicative ennui?

  • Esoteric does not just mean “obscure”, it means understood only by very few select people, who are initiated into knowledge. The Greek means “insider”. It’s not the kind of thing that any fool can pick up a dictionary and learn; it’s supposed to be secret, and there’s a reason its connotation is one of cults and guilds.
  • Ennui is not just boredom. It might be just boredom in French, but that’s not how the word is used in English. In English, it refers to the kind of existential, weary, discontented boredom that makes you give up on life itself. A misplaced hyperbolic reaction to being bored by someone’s big words.

It has triggered this from the Magister:

Michael Masiello’s answer to Is it veridical to state that esoteric verbosity culminates in communicative ennui?

Neither of these motives seems particularly noble or intelligent to me. One might say that the deployment of polysyllabic grandiloquence by a querent, whether the intentional dimensions of the utterance are defined by pavonine preening or the self-consuming ironization of discursive modes nonetheless known to the inquirer in an unsubtle, reductive, and ultimately anti-intellectual intimation that all such verbiage is vapid, is hardly laudable.


Straightforwardly, the nominalisation of IRONIZE: “to make ironic in appearance or effect; to use irony : speak or behave ironically”. Not in the obvious online dictionaries, and not in OED either.

From the googles, there is also usage related to iron instead of irony:


Concerning the issue of the Veteran's entitlement to service connection for a dental disorder, to include ironization and loss of teeth and bone loss, for VA compensation purposes, the Veteran alleges in a June 2013 statement that, within a year from returning from service in Vietnam, his teeth began falling out.  He recalls that his private dentist at that time told him that he had "ironization of the gums" due to excessive levels of iron in his system which he alleges resulted from drinking, over an eight year period, water in Vietnam that had been purified by iron tablets.  The Veteran alleges further that he was told years later that he had sustained "massive bone loss."

Ironization (Urban Dictionary):

The process by which an individual “iron-lungs” a vape hit. Withholding vapor to the cages of the lungs in order to increase buzz probability.

Also, can be used to refer to withholding marijuana in the chest to increase the chances of THC absorption.

The breaking down of nicotine in the lungs to increase the passing to the brain.

You just ironized the fuck out of that vape bro.

The ironization of that hit was almost passed threshold.

Holy fuck Bill, that ironization could have killed you if you held it any longer.


Definition of LAUDABLE

worthy of praise : commendable She has shown a laudable devotion to her children.

A Nicholas favourite, that one.


the definition of intimation

the act of intimating, or making known indirectly.

a hint; suggestion: The death of his father was his first intimation of mortality.

Intimation of (im)mortality is an allusion to Ode: Intimations of Immortality by Wordsworth.


the definition of vapid

lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat: vapid tea.

without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious: a vapid party; vapid conversation.

“My generation, the millennials, are so often viewed in a negative light. We are described with the words ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’, and ‘vapid’. I want to help combat this by growing an image of a young person who does not need to fit these titles, for whom the boom of technology has expanded horizons rather than spoiling attitude.” (No Shrinking Violet: Leah Pritchett dispenses doses of healthy advice by Archie D’Cruz on Quoran of the Week)


Loved this one, because I knew the Latin of it!

Definition of PAVONINE

    1. of, relating to, or resembling the peacock
    2. colored like a peacock’s tail or neck : iridescent
  1. of the color peacock

Latin pavoninus, from pavon-, pavo peacock + -inus -ine

The metaphorical allusion here is to the proverbial vanity of peacocks; e.g.


1. Of or resembling a peacock.
2. Vain; showy.

“The artists were attacked for being a narcissistic, pavonine, and self-regarding group.”
Arifa Akbar; The Cult of Beauty; The Independent (London, UK); Mar 29, 2011.

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