Day: August 3, 2016

When did Orthodox Christians (normal citizens, not clergy) get access to the Bible?

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I am not aware of any Orthodox ban on laypeople buying bibles, if they could afford them. It may or may not have been seen as odd before the invention of printing. The Greek Orthodox Church did have a massive problem with translating the Bible into Modern Greek, to the extent of getting a ban […]

What IT skills are useful or necessary for linguists and linguistics students?

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What they said. For fieldwork, you get a flat-file database for organising your field notes and automatically generating glosses and dictionaries. (A relational database is overkill.) Toolbox (The Field Linguist’s Toolbox) and its predecessor The Linguist’s Shoebox from SIL International are the default tools. Databases are less useful than you might think, though I found […]

Did the Orthodox Christian church have any equivalent to the Protestant movement?

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Patriarch Cyril Lucaris made overtures towards Calvinist theologians in the 1620s, and many though not all specialists believe he was pursuing a reform of the church along Calvinist lines. His contemporaries certainly thought so, and attributed the Calvinist Confession of Cyril Lucaris to him. The Synod of Jerusalem (1672) repudiated both the Confession, and Cyril’s […]