Day: August 28, 2016

What should I know (but don’t) about the culture and history of the Cyclades in general and Syros in particular?

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Posted in categories: Linguistics, Modern Greek Taking the *Greek* Wikipedia article as a baseline, Dimitris Almyrantis? I hate you. The fact that the anthem of Rebetika, Frangosyriani, means “Catholic Girl from Syros”, is too obvious for the Greek Wikipedia page to mention; it does at least mention that the song’s composer Vamvakaris was himself a Catholic Boy from Syros (a […]

Is there a more specific word for endonyms which simply mean “our language” or similar and are semantically awkward for outsiders to use?

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Not aware of such a term, but it’s a nice distinction: the endonym is really just a pronominal reference, so much “ours” that it doesn’t warrant a name at all. I could coin the term hemeteronym, “ours-name”, for it, but I won’t. It’s a pronominal, or deictic, endonym. Answered 2016-08-28 [Originally posted on]