Day: November 2, 2016

What is cod-Greek?

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I’ve seen other such expressions, such as cod-Latin, and cod-Spanish. Cod-Latin is a synonym of Dog Latin, a fake Latin used playfully to imitate real Latin. The Wikipedia example is Stormum surgebat et boatum oversetebatThe storm rose up and overturned the boat Illegitimis non carborundum is another such instance. (“Don’t let the bastards get you […]

What do Greeks think of Yusuf Islam?

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A2A Hansolophontes. (Sorry, Khateeb, but you walked into that one.) (Ἁνσολοφόντης. Looks nice…) I’ll say what I think they feel, but I’ll go a roundabout way about it. What do Greeks of my upbringing and circumstances feel about ethnic Greek converts to Islam? Well, if they were pre-population exchange, they’re not around any more, and […]