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Placenames of Kievan Rus’

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A culture confident in itself (or arrogant, same thing) will assimilate foreign place names and personal names, bending them to its language. Thus did Kshayarsha become Xerxes, and Shoshenq, Sesonchosis. Thus did Svyatoslav become Sphentísthlavos, and Dagobert Takoúpertos, and Saint-Gilles Isangéles. Thus did Hujr become Ógaros, and Ma’di Karib Badichárimos, and Kormisosh Kormésios. Thus, in […]

Malamirovo, Bulgaria, 813

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We have very, very, very little vernacular material from the Dark Ages, between Leontius of Neapolis in vii AD, and Michael Glycas’ Prison Verses from 1158. A couple of acclamations, the odd proverb, a song half-written down by Anna Comnena, a song reconstructed from a 16th century curse against mice, a few legal deeds from […]

Tsakonian song online

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For our next text in our tour of Greek linguistic oddities: this collection of Tsakonian songs has been online for something like ten years, and it’s about time I tried to translate the one song in Tsakonian. Before I do, a trap for the unwary. The first song, Σου ‘πα, μάνα, πάντρεψέ με “I told […]

Belléli vs. Hesseling

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I said last post that I would scan whatever was on Belléli’s review of Hesseling and put it online. I won’t, the printout is very hard to read, and the Hebrew and the French italics are recoverable only from context. (My Hebrew, of course, is context-free.) The bad quality of the printout is not so […]

Apologia pro Anglico suo

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In which the author ratiocinates in Greek wherefore he writes not in Greek in a blog on Greek linguistics that would only make sense to someone who already speaks GreekΉ κατά το κακεντρεχέστερο (για να κάνω μνεία και του Χατζιδάκι), «Διατί ήμην ελληνιστής αλλά δεν γράφω εις την ελληνικήν». I reserve the right to codeswitch […]