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Apologia pro detoxificatione blogologico suo

By: | Post date: 2010-05-04 | Comments: 5 Comments
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Or: Why Nicholas will continue occasionally two take a tuthree weeks off bloggingAs my readers—more loyal to me than I to them—have noted, I haven’t written here for a little while: since I was in the States, in fact. The reasons why are properly a matter for The Other Place, but I’ve had a conspiracy […]

King’s College department threatened with closure

By: | Post date: 2010-02-21 | Comments: 3 Comments
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Someone of you will have already seen this posted on other blogs. The Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies is being threatened with closure, as part of the restructuring planned for much of the School of Arts & Humanities (which will also do away with palaeography and computational linguistics). (For other coverage, see e.g. […]

Change of e-mail adress

By: | Post date: 2009-08-31 | Comments: No Comments
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A special kind of blindness made me ignore the impending death of the optushome.com.au domain over the past five years. The plug has finally been pulled on it (and I’ve just found out about it); those of you who have been mailing me @ optushome.com.au, please change immediately to optusnet.com.au [EDIT: it’s been a stressful […]

Apologia pro Anglico suo

By: | Post date: 2009-05-01 | Comments: 10 Comments
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In which the author ratiocinates in Greek wherefore he writes not in Greek in a blog on Greek linguistics that would only make sense to someone who already speaks GreekΉ κατά το κακεντρεχέστερο (για να κάνω μνεία και του Χατζιδάκι), «Διατί ήμην ελληνιστής αλλά δεν γράφω εις την ελληνικήν». I reserve the right to codeswitch […]

First Post

By: | Post date: 2009-04-13 | Comments: No Comments
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This is to kick open this blog. I will post here every now and then on things in the linguistics of Greek (and Greece) that strike me, or that I feel like sharing with the Long Tail. The blog should contain lots of notes about the oddities I find in lemmatising the TLG (ancient, mediaeval, […]

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