What other languages influenced Greek?

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In terms of the usual interpretation of the question (what languages did Greek borrow words from), at different times Greek has borrowed words from:

  • Persian (a small number)
  • Latin (a fair few)
  • Slavonic (surprisingly few)
  • Albanian (surprisingly fewer)
  • Aromanian (ditto)
  • Catalan (one word, παρέα < pare(j)a)
  • Romany (very few, although it is the go-to source for cants (secrecy languages), including Kaliarda, the gay cant: Roz Mov – Kaliarda
  • Old French (Cypriot)
  • Italian and Venetian (lots, though they have been purged)
  • (Ottoman) Turkish (lots, though they have been substantially purged)
  • French (before World War II)
  • English (after World War II)
  • … oh, and Ancient Greek
  • Can’t think of any words from Aromanian, but there should be a couple

Dialects outside of Greece have borrowed from the majority languages: Calabrian and Salentino in Southern Italy, French in Corsica, Russian and Tatar in Eastern Ukraine (formerly Crimea). And of course languages in the diaspora do the same.

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