Is it possible to have a Greek-Turkish Confederation in the future?

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You know how people put A2A at the top of their answers, because they like the asker, but are ambivalent about the question?

Sofia, if we ever meet up for coffee in Oakleigh (you’re a Greek in Melbourne, you probably live inside an Eaton Mall patisserie), I will be asking you: WHY YOU ASK ME IF CONFEDERATION!

Greece is already in a confederation, and has been in one since 1981. That hasn’t worked out wonderfully lately; and that was an identity that Greeks actually invested in. To a heart-breaking extent.

What Serdar said. The rapprochement Greeks and Turks have had since ’99 has been a wonderful thing. I’m deeply grateful for it. But you know, we have a saying in Greek.

And knowing how things work in our part of the world, there is probably an identical saying in Turkish.

Μακριά μακριά κι αγαπημένοι. Distant, distant, and [therefore] loving each other.

Greeks ruled by Erntoghan?! Turks ruled by Çipras?!

That would end the rapprochement pretty quickly.

(… although, then again: Turks ruled by Erdoğan?! Greeks ruled by Τσίπρας?!)

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