If you already have an undergrad degree (not in linguistics), what is the best way to pursue a linguistics degree/graduate degree?

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The way I did it, which may not work everywhere, is:

  • Take as many breadth subjects in linguistics as you can, while doing your degree in another faculty.
  • Demonstrate through charm and wit and intellect that you would be an asset to the linguistics department.
  • If at all possible, do a cross disciplinary postgraduate degree that somehow bridges the gap between the two faculties. In my case, it was a masters in cognitive science.
    • Of course, back in my day, interdisciplinary degrees were fashionable; not sure they are still.
    • Failing that, see if you can work out an accelerated or diploma course to bridge the gap.
    • The more brilliant you show yourself to be, and the more slack your University administration is, the less hoops you will have to jump through to bridge the gap.
      • Again: university administrations are not as slack as they used to be .
  • All this presupposes that money is no object. If you’re in the States, my best advice would be to get a membership to a university library… 😐

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