What other races have the Greeks absorbed?

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Here’s a laundry list. Some to a greater extent, some to a lesser. Some as cultural assimilation, some as more straightforward displacement.

  • Pelasgians (or whatever the pre-Hellenic population of Greece was)
  • Minoans (who are presumably the same as the Eteocretans)
  • Eteocypriots
  • Lemnians (assuming that their language, which looks related to Etruscan, is not Pelasgian)
  • The indigenous peoples of Western Asia Minor (probably): Phrygians, Lydians, Carians, and all the others
  • Celts/Galatians (there are red-headed Greeks and Turks)
  • Jews (Romaniote, Sephardic, Italkian)
  • Romans of sundry provenance
  • Goths
  • Avars
  • Arabs (the Cypriots are more sanguine about admitting this than Greece Greeks are)
  • Slavs (certainly the ones that went down south all the way to Mani)
  • Albanians (as Arvanites)
  • Vlachs
  • Probably not the Roma, given the ongoing prejudice against them
  • French
  • Italians of sundry city states (Venetians, Genoese, Florentines)
  • Catalans
  • Probably not the Turks; it was likely the other way round, through conversion
  • Bavarians (the ones who came down with King Otto)
  • Armenians
  • The modern-day migrants, whose assimilation is ongoing

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