Day: July 11, 2017

Why shouldn’t Greece’s regions have autonomy?

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The fact that Greece modelled itself after France, as a strongly centralising state, is not a reason why there shouldn’t be autonomy. Autonomy can work financially, after all; the autonomy of the Val d’Aosta after WWII, forced on Italy by de Gaulle proposing to invade, was part of the reason the Valley did so well […]

Why do English-speaking people not prefer to say natrium, silisium, kalium, and use other Latin names of elements instead?

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EDIT: QUESTION HAS BEEN MANGLED BY QCR: It is about Natrium, Kalium, Silicium vs Sodium, Potassium, Silicon. Faulty premiss. Sodium – Wikipedia, Potassium – Wikipedia. Sodium and Potassium are not more or less Latin than Natrium and Kalium. (If anything, that K in Kalium is not particularly Latinate.) They are just alternate names proposed for […]