Day: April 13, 2009

Greek in Turkish orthography

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In the history of Greek, Greek adjusts to the orthography of the culture it falls under; and cultures have their own scripts. So the Catholic Greeks, and the Greeks of the Venetian cultural sphere, wrote in Roman script with Italian spelling. The Greek-speakers of Southern Italy now write Greek in Roman script with Southern Italian […]

Little Grammar of Early Modern Greek

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First up, it’s very little. I mean, srsly, very very little. But: the TLG has been entering Early Modern Vernacular Greek works for a little while into its corpus. The proofreaders are classicists, and they have on occasion tried to make these texts much more Classical than they need to be. (ποτέ in Modern Greek […]

First Post

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This is to kick open this blog. I will post here every now and then on things in the linguistics of Greek (and Greece) that strike me, or that I feel like sharing with the Long Tail. The blog should contain lots of notes about the oddities I find in lemmatising the TLG (ancient, mediaeval, […]

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