Day: June 7, 2016

What is a Hebrew word and a Greek word meaning “fragrance” or “perfume” GENERALLY?

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I assume you are asking about Ancient Greek. IGNORE all the Greeks that are about to say ἄρωμα arōma. The ancient meaning of that word, per the Liddell–Scott dictionary, is aromatic herb or spice; not fragrance. Going through Liddell–Scott, I find, in descending order of fit to what you want: εὐοσμία euosmia, “fragrance, perfume”. Literally, […]

Was Antonis Samaras a cooler Prime Minister than Alexis Tsipras?

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Well, let’s see. On the one hand, a sixty-five year old who looks like an undertaker, who brought down a government and formed his own party over being More-Patriotic-Than-Thou, who presided over austerity, and who saw some economic indicators nudge upwards but failed to raise anyone’s hopes that anything would ever change for the better. […]